Gain Efficiencies & Trim Costs with Mobile Inventory Management

Organization is very important on job sites. Convenient access to materials allows your electricians to stay on task and make better use of their time. Good inventory management can help your business run smoothly, both at your main location and at job sites. Here at French Gerleman, we provide a variety options to manage mobile inventory.

Job site trailers

French Gerleman provides job site trailers which we monitor and maintain appropriate levels of stock for your job site. They are useful to make the inventory readily available to you, but secure from anyone else.

Job site storage trailers keep your inventory safe and secure

Mobile job carts

Mobile job carts are ideal for interior use on construction projects. In a high-rise office building, a mobile job cart might be provided on every floor for different electricians as they work and move from room to room. This allows the supplies to stay close at hand, and for electricians to work independently of each other. French Gerleman can replenish these carts just as we would any other vendor managed inventory (VMI) area.

Conduit tilt carts

French Gerleman loans conduit tilt carts to customers who have bought conduit from us and may need help moving it around an interior job site. It simplifies moving around conduit, even in difficult areas like up and down elevators.  Our conduit carts can hold up to 1,400 pounds of material.

Conduit tilt carts help move conduit around job sites and in elevators


Why Should You Use Mobile Inventory Management?

French Gerleman’s mobile inventory management is designed to help cut labor costs, reduce spending and protect your inventory from loss and theft. We monitor, replenish supplies and update the bills of material for each project stage so your team can focus on the job at hand.

If you’re interested in French Gerleman’s Mobile Inventory Management or have an idea to improve your job site organization that is not listed here, contact your French Gerleman Account Manager or visit our website to learn more.


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