French Gerleman’s Wire Inventory Now Features XHHW-2 High Speed Aluminum Wire

Colored wire has become increasingly popular over time, as it allows for easy identification when installing or performing maintenance. Our goal is to help make your jobs easier and keep up with demand for more colors. We are excited to introduce XHHW-2 High Speed Aluminum Wire to our inventory, which we are now stocking in colors.

How Does XHHW-2 Compare to THHN-2?

Thermoplastic High Heat Resistant Nylon Jacket (THHN) is a thermoplastic product which has a thinner PVC insulation while Cross-Linked Polyethylene High Heat Resistant Water Resistant (XHHW) features a thermoset XLPE insulation which is more resistant to chemicals, ozone and abrasions.  XHHW is also more flexible than THHN and is more advantageous for projects requiring close-spaced bends.  In the event of fire, XHHW is insulated with flame-retardant cross-linked Polyethylene which is far less toxic than PVC. Both THHN-2 and XHHW-2 are rated for a maximum operating temperature of 90°C in both wet and dry environments.

Our new XHHW-2 High Speed Aluminum wire stock, available in sizes #6 to 750, is single conductor general purpose building wire and is approved for 600V by the NEC. Colored aluminum wire is a great choice as it is light, flexible, cost effective and increasingly common in commercial and industrial settings. It’s best suited for installation in conduit or other recognized raceways, and now comes in an extremely wide range of colors. The wire is both OSHA Acceptable and RoHS Compliant.

Save Time & Money with Wire Services

In addition to our new XHHW-2, we stock a wide variety of copper building wire, tray cable, power & control, instrumentation, portable cords, flexible cable, armored cable and more. If we don’t have the wire or cable you need, we can custom order it.

At French Gerleman, we not only supply a wide selection of wire, we also provide comprehensive wire services, including:

  • Purchase full 500, 1,000 and 2,500-foot reels or we can cut to length for your project
  • Pulling heads installation (available for most wire sizes)
  • Compartment reel options for parallel pulling – 3- or 4-bay
  • Custom mobile wire dispensing carts – store and dispense up to 18 reels
  • Wire barrel hand truck with tripod dispensing system
  • Custom labeled reels
  • Storage and staging

French Gerleman stocks both copper and aluminum wire in a variety of colors and a wide range of sizes. We also offer a variety of wire management services to save you time, money and materials on your next job. To browse even more related services, check out our blog, “French Gerleman Debuts New Wire Cutting Layout” or contact us!

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