Featured Product: Hubbell Watertight Wiring Devices

We all know that mixing water and electricity does not turn out well, so if you’re looking for superior watertight wiring devices, look no further than Hubbell!  This new line has a wide range of watertight devices are the perfect solution for your industry.

Here are a few applications for Hubbell’s Watertight Series Devices:

Water Treatment

Hubbell devices are made to withstand the most abusive environments such as water treatment plants.

Food and Beverage Processing

Each Hubbell device is rated to withstand harsh, wet environments common to food and beverage facilities meeting stringent UL and NSF requirements.


Mud, standing water and abuse are no match to these rugged engineered devices. Put them to the test!

Outdoor Entertainment

Power is delivered consistently when the show must go on. Perfect for concerts, fairs, runs and other outdoor events.


Hubbell Watertight Wiring Devices are ideal for delivering power to all types of industrial machinery and equipment.

Hubbell’s products stand apart from their competitors:

  • NEMA 6 and IP69 rated for superior water resistance
  • National Sanitation Foundation recognized
  • Keyed interior for easy installation
  • Hubbell’s patented Gotcha®ring and collapsible bushing yields the industry’s best strain relief
  • All stainless steel hardware and corrosive resistant connection points
  • Smooth body design minimizes collection points simplifying the wash down process

The full line of Hubbell’s Watertight Series Devices includes:

  • Plugs and Connectors
  • Lift Covers
  • Bushing, Cone Seals and Closure Caps
  • FD Boxes
  • Angled Adapters
  • Portable Outlet Boxes
  • Covers for Portable Outlet Boxes and Panels

Interested in learning more about Hubbell Watertight Wiring Devices or in placing an order? Give us a call at 866-808-4240, we’d be happy to help!

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