French Gerleman Adopts Two Military Units for the Holidays

Over the summer, our Columbia branch collected items to send to some active duty soldiers in Iraq.  We were overwhelmed with the amazing support and how many people brought in items to send overseas. Our Columbia employees reached out to family members and friends for donations and were able to send several boxes of snacks and home comfort items to the soldiers, including French Gerleman team member Mary Brown’s son, Staff Sergeant Kyle DePriest.


With the amount of excitement and interest in our last adopt-a-soldier program, our Columbia branch decided to host another drive for the holidays! We were assigned two units through the Adopt a US Solder sponsored by Project Frontlines: Unit TF DEALER 1-67 AR, which is a unit of 32-35 soldiers who are currently in a war zone and Unit 455 EMXS EAST AGE, which is a 10-man unit. The goal was to send them gifts, well wishes, sweet and salty treats, cards and holiday cheer. The Columbia branch reached out to friends, family and customers with the goal of sending eight to ten boxes, but people were so generous, we sent 12 boxes to TF DEALER 1-67 AR and five boxes to 455 EMXS EAST AGE.

“It’s very humbling to have such giving co-workers,” said Mary. “One French Gerleman employee had the idea of buying and stuffing individual stockings for the entire unit. I can imagine the looks on each soldier’s face as they unwrap their very own Christmas stocking. We wanted to send these brave men and women a little reminder of home and holiday well wishes to thank them for their service.”

To Our Dear American Soldiers:

From the tops of our heads, to the tips of our toes and the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU. For your dedication to the preservation of the nation we hold as precious, THANK YOU. For the sacrifices made by you and your families to selflessly serve, THANK YOU.

We want you to know we, at French Gerleman, truly value your service.  We want you to know we, at French Gerleman, are behind you. Please know that we pray for you and your families. Please know that we have and/or have loved ones who serve(d), and that we know of the sacrifices you and your families make and/or are willing to make for the love of our United States of America. Please know that many of us here at French Gerleman truly understand the values for which you are dedicated, as we are also dedicated to those same values and actively work to keep our country moving in a positive direction.

Please do not feel that you have to write us, but if you care to, we will welcome and honor your gift. More important to us is that you stay safe as possible and protect one another in all things. We hope that you write to your families, when it is safe to do so. 

Be steadfast and diligent in all ways. Only rest when you have others who are at watch, and always take turns at watch so that all of you can get the best possible rest.  Do what you have to do for one another; you are a team that must rely on each other for your next breath; never take this for granted. And again, THANK YOU for being you and for doing what you do.



We would like to thank our Columbia team and the FG team members from other branches who were so very generous and compassionate, taking time out of their busy schedules to help wrap gifts, shop for items and donate to such a wonderful cause. If you are interested in donating items to be sent over to our unit, email Mary at or give her a call at 573-886-3025.

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