Product Spotlight: EVERLINE from Universal Lighting Technologies

Interested in maximizing your energy savings? Lighting is one of the main energy outputs that companies can optimize to increase savings.

Universal Lighting Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of lighting products and control systems. Universal’s EVERLINE® LED retrofit continuum provides a range of solutions for LEDs and upgrading fluorescent to LED.

If your LED fixture fails out of warranty, instead of replacing the entire fixture, you can replace the worn driver, but it can be a challenge to select the right driver for the fixture. Universal Lighting Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of driver options in their EVERLINE family and can help you select the proper replacement driver for your application.

Universal Lighting Technologies retrofit solutions

Universal Lighting Technologies EVERLINE retrofit kits

LED replacement drivers aren’t the only product from EVERLINE. Their surge protectors are capable of handling surges up to 20kV. Surge protectors are useful in that they protect the entire system so your individual lighting fixtures don’t have to be rated for such high voltages. EVERLINE surge protectors integrate seamlessly with their LED replacement drivers.

EVERLINE’s light fixtures are designed to be energy-efficient, durable, and dimmable. They have a variety of luminaires and retrofits to fit your needs:

Retrofit Kits and LED Tubes:

  • LED T8 Replacement Tubes (Type A, B): Simple installation, immediate energy savings
  • LED Tube & Drive Kit (Type C): High efficiency, uses existing sockets
  • LED Retrofit Kit: Simplifies the transition from fluorescent to LED
  • LED Professional Retrofit Kit (Pan Style): For fluorescent pan style replacement
  • LED Sign Tubes: Simple replacement for lighted signs using T12HO or T8HO lamps

Universal Lighting Technologies EVERLINE LED retrofit kits

Replacement Luminaires:

  • LED Professional Volumetric: clean, modern appearance
  • LED Volumetric: even illumination
  • LED General Prismatic: installer friendly standard sizes for grid lay-in apps
  • LED Strips: simple, industrial-grade strip fixture
  • LED Wraparound: popular 24 and 48-inch lengths
  • LED Linear High Bay: high lumen output for warehouses
  • LED Industrial Bay: reliable and robust high lumen output
  • LED Wall Pack: long life, low maintenance
  • LED Vapor Tight: Significantly higher efficiency and delivered lumens
  • LED Chains: High lumens, consistent color, versatile uses

If you are interested in conserving your energy usage with LED lighting, contact us or your French Gerleman Account Manager to learn more about Universal Lighting Technologies’ EVERLINE solutions.  You can also browse the variety of stocked Universal products, including pricing and quantity, on our website.


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