Enhance Safety & Efficiency with Mersen’s Fuse Control™ Program

There are many processes, workflows, and inventory systems that facilities take into consideration when discussing efficiency. Did you know that when it comes to fuses, there is a program that will help you achieve these goals?

Fuse Control™ by Mersen was designed to provide you with a powerful and effective way to take control of your plant inventory, and better manage your operating costs, code compliance and workplace safety. Best of all, it’s simple because the fuses do the work!

Mersen designed their innovative Amp-Trap 2000® fuse family to out-perform traditional fuses while allowing for efficient consolidation to a single fuse line in your facility. This provides a variety of advantages that can enhance your facility’s operation and safety.

Benefits of Mersen’s Fuse Control™ Program

  1. Improve Safety

Your team members’ safety is of utmost importance. Mersen designed their line of fuses with increased current interrupting capacity to reduce the risk of serious injury and the electrical events that can cause them.  According to Mersen, the Amp-Trap 2000 family of fuses works faster than any other fuse to1:

  • Provide the highest degree of UL listed current limitation to limit fault current before it reaches dangerous levels.
  • Reduce arc flash, along with the explosive energies created, eliminating intense heat, molten metal and shock wave hazards.
  • Lower the level of heat generated during these events, shrinking the dangerous arc flash boundary.
  • Help avoid the severe (often fatal) injuries resulting from arc flashes and the energy they produce.
  1. Streamline Inventory

Chances are, you have many fuse brands and types in your facility. This can cause costly inventory management challenges for your company. Amp-Trap allows you to consolidate and reduce or eliminate SKUs. That’s because they’re designed to consolidate and replace many common fuses.

  1. Decrease Operating Costs

Choosing Mersen’s Amp-Trap fuse over traditional fuses can greatly impact your operating costs. Typically, there are downtime and equipment damage costs associated with fuse failure.  The Amp-Trap fuses can help reduce these costs.  According to Mersen, with Amp-Trap protection, end users are able to2:

  • Achieve Type 2 “No Damage” protection with current-limiting Amp-Trap fuses.
  • Prevent short circuits from destroying your critical equipment.
  • Maintain function of downstream equipment by minimizing let-through current that flows downstream.
  • Limit arc energy, typically allowing for equipment repair should a surge occur.
  • Reduce the level of personal protective equipment (PPE) required.
  1. Reduce Downtime

No facility wants to experience costly downtime resulting from an arc flash or short circuit situation, but when one happens, that’s exactly what you will face. Minimizing damage and quickly restoring your equipment is key.

  • Create a fully coordinated protection system leveraging the Amp-Trap convenient 2:1 coordination ratio.
  • Localize faults to restrict outages and eliminate unnecessary outages.
  • Identify open fuses quickly and safely.
  1. Improve Electrical Code Compliance

Fuses should be considered a part of your overall electrical safety program.  Amp-Trap fuses, according to Mersen, allow you to provide much need safety measures for employees and expand your code compliance initiatives. 1

  • Eliminate obsolete fuses that can lead to unsafe fuse replacements.
  • Experience Amp-Trap’s superior performance and ratings for better compliance.
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Getting Started with Mersen Fuse Control™

If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of Fuse Control™, we have great news. Implementing this program in your facility involves three easy steps, leveraging a proven process to increase uptime and provide physical equipment and personnel protection in a timely manner.

The three phases involve:

  1. Free Audit

    A team of professionals will audit your storeroom and analyze your inventory database. We’ll gather a full record of your fuse inventory, including part numbers, stock locations, annual usage, and analyze the data with Mersen’s proprietary Fuse Usage and Storeroom Evaluation software.

  2. Consolidation Report and Plan

    The Fuse Usage and Storeroom Evaluation software will create a report which consolidates your current inventory list into Mersen Amp-Trap 2000® fuses. You’ll see how many SKUs and bins you can eliminate from inventory. You’ll also receive recommendations for stocking quantities suitable for your facility and identify any duplication that may exist.

  3. Implementation

    It’s now time to put this cost-saving and safety-enhancing plan into action! Your implementation will be based on the recommendations in the consolidation reports and includes processes that must be put in place to make your conversion successful. This includes:

  • Updating your inventory database with new part numbers, bin locations, part descriptions and minimum/maximum inventory levels. In addition, obsolete inventory will be removed or disabled in the system to prevent it from being re-ordered.
  • Ordering and delivery of your new Mersen Amp-Trap 2000® fuse inventory. Your French Gerleman Account Manager will help ensure you have the stock you need on hand, either in your inventory or through quick delivery from our warehouse.
  • Disposal of obsolete inventory. We do not recommend phasing in your new inventory as your old, obsolete stock can pose a hazard to your people, equipment and facility.
  • Re-label your fuse bins. Your French Gerleman Account Manager can help you create bin labels so that you can easily identify and locate your fuses. Mersen has also developed a convenient labeling template in Word, which you can access online.
  • Create and post consolidation charts. These charts will help your team select the proper Amp-Trap 2000® fuses.
  • Training! Your French Gerleman and Mersen will provide comprehensive training highlighting the benefits of the fuses and overview the Fuse Control™ program. This training is provided at no cost to you.

Our goal is to make your transition to Fuse Control™ as seamless and beneficial as possible for you. You can take advantage of the many safety benefits of the Mersen Amp-Trap 2000® family of fuses, while creating great efficiencies and generating cost savings in your facility.

If you’d like additional information about the program and how it can create a positive impact in your facility, French Gerleman can help!  Please contact us or reach out to your French Gerleman Account Manager today


1 https://ep-us.mersen.com/fileadmin/catalog/Literature/Brochures/BR-Fuse-Control-Program-Brochure.pdf

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