Enhance LOTO with Safety-by-Design

Before you begin working on equipment in your facility, how can you establish and verify a deenergized state to identify when it is safe to begin work?  Grace Technologies’ Voltage Test Station (VTS) can assist your team with a safer and more productive Lockout Tagout (LOTO) procedure.

The Voltage Test Station (VTS) is Grace’s flagship combination unit combining a voltage indicator and Safe-Test Point™ voltage portal conveniently within a GracePort® housing. This Permanent Electrical Safety Device (PESD) allows qualified personnel a safer way to verify presence of voltage and perform an ‘Absence of Voltage Test’ from outside the electrical cabinet. Designed specifically for installation on DC systems, it is externally mounted and UL listed.  Self-powered upon installation, the voltage indicator visually represents the presence of voltage with flashing LED lights.

Features include:

  • The VTS combines Grace’s Safe-Test Point™ with a voltage indicator conveniently placed within a protective housing.
  • VTS can be hardwired directly to energy sources and allows for visual verification of de-energized voltage.
  • The two devices are independently connected to the same source providing a redundancy check for additional safety.
  • It can be hardwired directly to energy sources and allows visual verification and measurement of AC/DC voltages through a meter test.
  • Various lockable housing options add additional layers of protection to allow authorized personnel to conveniently access the VTS.


The VTS exceeds NFPA 70e and OSHA standards and can be used in a variety of locations:

  • Automation Panels
  • Standalone Disconnect Switches
  • Motor Control Centers (mains and selected buckets)
  • High Power Control Panels
  • High Incident Energy Areas
  • Power Disconnects

During the month of August 2020, French Gerleman and Grace Technologies are partnering to offer a free sample of the Voltage Test Station.

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For more information, download the Grace Technologies VTS datasheet, contact your French Gerleman Account Manager or visit our website.

Grace Technologies LOTO Voltage Test Station