Don’t Get Caught in the Cold Without Winter Work Gloves

When it gets cold, many from the Midwest think they can just “tough it out.” Even if workers are wearing the proper winter clothing, bulky winter work gloves can get in the way, and may get taken off anyway. Hands are the first and most vulnerable place people experience the cold weather, and the workers need winter gloves that will protect them without sacrificing dexterity.

Advances in Winter Work Gloves

There have been great advances in gloves over the past few years. The industry needs have driven for more dexterity, and improved cut-resistant winter glove options.

endura winter work gloves

Endura® 378GKTTL Winter Driver Gloves

These lined driver gloves are rated for truly frigid temperatures, down to 5°F. Superior Glove has designed a keystone thumb for better durability and comfort, and an elasticized back for a snug fit.

G-Tek winter work gloves

G-Tek® 16-820 Cut-Resistant Gloves

PIP has made these cut-resistant winter gloves specifically to protect the palm and fingers from injury why keeping the whole hand warm. The latex coating is both cut and puncture-resistant. The glove is made with a long cuff to cover the wrist, ideal for chilly weather.

powergrab winter work gloves

PowerGrab™ Thermo 41-1400 High Visibility Palm and Fingers Coated Gloves

These PowerGrab gloves are well-suite to both cold and wet environments. The Latex Micro Finish coating over the palm and fingers can grip in both dry and wet conditions, and the long, knit cuff fits around the wrist to prevent debris from entering the glove.

Other Winter Precautions

While keeping your hands safe and warm is a priority for anyone in the winter, the cold weather effects the whole body. Cold stress-related illnesses often start in the extremities like hands, so once you’ve gotten the correct gloves for your situation, check out our product page for the best jackets and coats as well.

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