Datacenters – Becoming More Common in Our Workplace, Next Step Solution

French Gerleman is a proud distributor of Wirewerks with more than 250 SKUs in stock including patch cables, face plates and adapter strips. They offer a 25-year product and labor warranty as well as local manufacturing and an excellent lead time of custom assemblies. Wirewerks is extremely customer driven, proudly boasting the mentality that they are only “as good as our last order.”

Wirewerks has a Certified Installer program which is an invitation only program for structured cabling contractors and end-users with their own technicians. Electrical Contractors, Data Communications Contractors, OSP Plant Contractors, System Integrators, Security Contractors, Audio Visual Integrators, and End-Users would all be prime examples of potential Wirewerks Certified Installers. The Wirewerks Certified Installer program is an extension of the Wirewerks Sales and Installation Division.

Wirewerks is able to meet a number of structured cabling standards, as shown below.

Wirewerks has created a Next Step footprint to allow easy module access, as well as front and back module insertion. For example, the 1U patch panel is a 144F panel designed with staggered shelves where the individual modules snap easily into multiple positions. The 4U patch panel features a staggered shelf design with the capacity to house 48 modules.

Wirewerks also has a 144F Mini-Distribution Cable with 2 mm subunits, which is available in single-mode and multi mode with color-coded subunits. They also have a 1.2 mm Cable for a 12 fiber bundle which is also available in single-mode and multi-mode. These Next Step solutions in cable management have been integrated into the adapter strips, patch and distribution modules. This simplifies connector access and allows for multiple cable routing options.

The Next Step cable manager holds 72 fibers into 6 sections and is mounted with a magnet. This cable manager simplifies MACs by managing 12 fibers at a time, has multiple positions, and is strain-free. In addition to the cable manager, Wirewerks also has a Next Step 24F Splice Tray. This allows for front and back splice tray insertion, with 900um splicing and ribbon splicing. It also holds one splitter per sleeve holder, which is two per tray.

Wirewerks has many product groups, as shown below.

This information was presented at our St. Louis Product and Technology Expo.  To see the full presentation, click here.

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