Control Panel Space Optimization

On every manufacturing floor, space is at a premium. Machine designers and builders are continually challenged to reduce the size and footprint of machines to save space. This, in turn, challenges the controls engineer to design and build control panels with smaller footprints or fit more into existing panels, which is a very difficult task.

Panduit can help optimize valuable enclosure space while solving noise, environmental and security challenges. You can reduce space as much as 40% with Panduit while including physical barriers to help with noise mitigation and maintaining proper grounding and visual warnings to enhance personnel safety.

Panduit produced a white paper titled “Space Optimization for Control Panels” that does a great job detailing the importance of control panel space and how to design your control panel to save space and maintain regulatory compliance. This insight can help you to achieve the design flexibility and compliance while taking the weight off your shoulders. You can access the white paper HERE.

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