Control Panel Security Risks

Cyber-attacks have been big news recently with companies of all sizes suffering breaches and vandalism.  While the importance of data center security is a hot topic, are you taking the proper steps to protect your control panels? Enclosure security is important, and necessary, to not only protect your control panel and its valuable information, but to also provide you peace of mind.

Control Panel Security Factors

Panduit and Hoffman teamed up to release the white paper “Control Panel Security: Identifying and Mitigating Security Risks.” They did a great job breaking down the steps and factors when choosing a control panel security solution in an easy to digest form. Here are their factors to consider:

  1. The value of the information or equipment
  2. The risk level of the control panel environment
  3. The cost to protect the information or equipment
  4. The functionality of components needing EMI protection and/or emitting Wi-Fi signals

Panduit is a global leader in Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI)-based solutions. Together with Hoffman, they have a partnership that combines the quality, service and innovation of these two leading global brands. Hoffman and Panduit optimize five elements common in the control panel development and life cycle.  These include: space optimization, noise mitigation, environmental protection, security and control panel safety.

Even the highest security measures may not prevent all data attacks, but implementing a well-designed physical infrastructure system can limit the impact and severity of any occurrences. At French Gerleman, we help industrial customers mitigate risk across multiple systems and functional departments throughout the enterprise.

To learn more about limiting control panel and other data security risks, contact us or your French Gerleman account manager.

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