End-to-End Automation & Power Transmission Solutions

The world of manufacturing today looks a lot different than it did when French Gerleman was founded in 1923. In many ways, so do we. We have grown to provide innovative, end-to-end automation and power transmission solutions for our industrial customers.

What are the advantages of working with a single-source provider for your automation and power transmission needs?

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Automation and Power Transmission at Work on the Plant Floor

French Gerleman’s initial founding as a machine shop has provided us a strong foundation on which to service our industrial customers as automation continues to evolve. We were there for the dawn of automation as new technologies, devices and ways of approaching industrial processes and work transformed the manufacturing landscape. Our early presence in this environment positioned us well to partner with the leading manufacturers of industrial automation solutions.

But perhaps it is our holistic approach to supporting customers who build and maintain their automated facility that provides the highest level of value. This is one reason French Gerleman has become the preferred supplier of drives, controls, and mechanical power transmission solutions for manufacturers, machine builders, and system integrators.

Our team begins the process with analysis of the network infrastructure, including the hardware and software efficiently running your shop floor operations. We then proceed to support your machine and mechanical needs, which includes everything from interfaces, drives and controllers to motors, gear boxes, belts, conveyors and more.

Not only do we have the inventory of products that make up the right solution for your facility, our team is on call to handle repairs when needed, and even help you analyze the cost benefits of repairing or replacing your power transmission equipment so you always have a plan in place.

Finally, French Gerleman offers services to help you manage your automated industrial facility. We can help with training, and even create an inventory management system to ensure that you maintain the parts you need on hand to avoid costly downtime.

Working with us means knowing that the plant floor network, automation components and power transmission components you put in place are current, compatible and supported. It ensures you’ll have pre-and post-sales support through the entire experience. And when products from multiple manufacturers are needed quickly, you are not left coordinating timelines between multiple suppliers.

A Single Source Saves Time, Money and Resources

A major challenge of working with multiple equipment providers is that they’re each only concerned with the form and function of the product they’re providing. As a result, you never get the full advantage of someone paying attention to how your automation products and power transmission products are working together.

There are inherent efficiencies that come from working with one solutions provider. When something needs to be repaired or upgraded, you’ve only got to make one call. With the support of your entire network all located under one roof, French Gerleman can pull the right resources for the job without you having to track them down yourself.

With a single-source supplier like French Gerleman you can rest easier knowing there is someone looking out for your overall operation. We are not solving for today’s issues only or creating temporary fixes. It is a proactive, long-term partnership to position you well for avoiding tomorrow’s issues.

Some Things Never Change

Although the team who first opened the doors at French Gerleman nearly 100 years ago could not have imagined how technology would transform the industries we serve, there are aspects of the way we do business that haven’t changed at all. While adapting to advances in technology has played a major role in our growth over the past century, the centerpiece of our success has always been rooted in relationships. We understand that your experience as a customer is the number one factor influencing our long-term success, and we treat you like it.

Experience the French Gerleman difference. Contact your Account Manager, or reach out to your local branch to begin the discussion, and learn more about how French Gerleman can support your end-to-end solution to meet your mechanical and automation requirements.

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