Announcing myRockwellAutomation Enhancements

French Gerleman’s partner, Rockwell Automation*, is expanding their online offering within myRockwellAutomation! Their latest release went live July 1 and included updates to improve user experience.

What is myRockwellAutomation?

The myRockwellAutomation platform offers users a personalized digital experience. Users can personalize their account to find the information they need faster, bringing tools and information into one location. It offers enhanced search capabilities, literature library documentation, product life cycle status and product data.

What’s New in myRockwellAutomation

The latest release of myRockwellAutomation includes several new enhancements, including advanced search results that include catalog item information and quick links to product literature and Bills of Material (BOM) pages with the product.

The BOM section now also includes:

  • A new CSV file export format for WebShop eCom. This will only be available for users with WebShop eCom accounts.
  • The gear icon has been replaced by a “More Actions” dropdown menu for the Bill of Materials section for easier access to actions
  • The Help Center section has been expanded to provide more information
  • export and import BOMs to build product lists and collaborate with distributors and colleagues alike

How to Access myRockwellAutomation

To access, visit and use your Knowledgebase credentials to sign in. If you do not yet have an account, you can create one for free. Once you have logged in, you can now use your profile information to find your company and request to be associated to a location. You will then need to be approved by the delegated admin for your company or a Rockwell Automation administrator.

French Gerleman has had a long-standing partnership with Rockwell Automation, and we are proud to work with them to enhance your online experience and efficiency. We also have integrated Rockwell Automation’s inventory offerings into the French Gerleman website to allow better transperency to product and stock levels.

If you need any technical help with myRockwellAutomation, you can contact your French Gerleman Account Manager or access Rockwell Automation’s Self-Help Center.

* The sale of Rockwell Automation products is limited to a distributor’s authorized territory guidelines. Please contact your French Gerleman representative for details.

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