Above and Beyond: What Partnership Means at French Gerleman

Partnership is a word many companies use, but what does partnership really mean? How does it play out in real-world situations?  French Gerleman believes partnership means going above and beyond to meet customers’ needs. Our team puts this philosophy into action each day. The following story is just one example of how this is present in French Gerleman’s work.

The Need for Safety Matting

Over the last two years, the French Gerleman team has been working with a major, multi-shift manufacturing company to map out the safety matting needs in their largest division. The customer began the project within the last year, systematically repairing and replacing matting through a phased approach. As the project went on, an employee documented a safety issue in an area that had not yet been replaced. When this occurs, the issue must be addressed within 30 days. With a three-week lead time on materials and limited downtime on the production line for installation, what is a safety manager to do? Rely on French Gerleman!

Answering the Call

Our Safety Team knew that completing installation during normal service hours would stop production for the customer, and that it was important to act fast to resolve the safety issue and meet the 30-day deadline. The best path was to support them as their schedule required. In this case, it meant being on-site with them during third shift (12:30 to 3:30 a.m.) on a Sunday, the only option for a production stop, to support their efforts to install the matting correctly and safely.

Tim Struyk, your French Gerleman Partner
Tim Struyk, Safety Division Account Manager
“We had been working with the customer for quite some time to provide support for them to select an appropriate solution for their safety and ergonomic matting needs,” said Tim Struyk, Safety Division Account Manager. “When this safety issue was reported, our goal was to ensure that all of the necessary materials arrived prior to the start of the install to avoid any jobsite surprises. Our customer isn’t confined to an 8:00 – 5:00 schedule, and it’s important to be there when they need us most. I wouldn’t feel right any other way.”

The project involved the customer pulling up the old matting, cleaning up the debris, putting the new layout down, and cutting and trimming to properly connect all the pieces. This is key, because if not installed properly and according to the layout, it may lead to a new safety concern. The work was performed by the customer’s in-house team, with Tim on-site throughout the process to provide support as needed.

“When I heard about Tim’s commitment to be on-site with his customer over third shift, I wasn’t surprised,” said Sean Nolan, Vice President Market Development. “Since he arrived at French Gerleman, I’ve witnessed several situations in which he has gone above and beyond. This isn’t a unique situation for Tim or for the Safety Team. This is how we operate – in true partnership with our customers. If a customer needs us, we’ll be there. The team is driven by this passion for service excellence and it’s leading to success for all involved.”

This is not the first time the French Gerleman team has served customers at odd hours, and it certainly won’t be the last. This level of partnership is essential to ensure customers’ businesses run safely and efficiently, and it is key to building trust and strong relationships. That’s why we offer After Hours Emergency Services to help with parts or technical issues after hours and on weekends and holidays. We know production and facility downtime is expensive and we are ready to assist you 24/7.

The French Gerleman Safety Team provides a full line of safety products from the leading manufacturers. Coupled with the commitment to a customer-first, above and beyond philosophy of doing business, the team can offer exceptional quality and service to manufacturers of all sizes.

For more information, visit the French Gerleman website or contact an Account Manager today.

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