A Fresh Look at Distribution Waste

Waste production is a vast issue across all industries worldwide. Hundreds of millions of tons of waste are sent to landfills nationwide from businesses alone every year. By taking a fresh look at waste, businesses can lessen their environmental impact.

Recently, French Gerleman has taken a new approach when it comes to waste, focusing on recycling the key sources of waste from our distribution centers, namely cardboard, shrink wrap and pallets. Our team also recycles traditional materials like computer paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles.  We even recycle scrap metal, old electronic equipment and used fluorescent lamps.

“We started looking at our waste as a commodity and not trash,” said Alex McKie, Director of Logistics.  “Once we did that, we really changed how we handled our waste and started implementing programs that keep it out of landfills.”

By adopting this new approach, each month we divert more than six tons of waste out of the landfill so it can instead be recycled for other purposes:

Our Cardboard Baler
  • Cardboard – 2,170 cubic yards (or 2.25 tons)
  • Shrink wrap – 58,500 cubic yards (or 2.3 tons)
  • Wood pallets – 27,000 cubic yards (or 1.05 tons)
  • Computer paper, cans, plastic, etc. – 7 cubic yards (0.5 tons)
  • eScrap, metal scrap, and copper and aluminum scrap – 0.5 tons

These monthly totals equate to removing nearly 80 tons of waste from the landfill each year.  The next time you toss out a cardboard box or packing materials, think about where it’s going. Know your French Gerleman team is constantly seeking new ways to recycle, reduce waste and find solutions that keep material out of our landfills.

If your company would like to decrease its impact on landfill waste by recycling and need referrals to local services, we would be happy to help.  Contact your French Gerleman Account Manager for information on recycling solutions we offer or referrals to other recycling services.

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